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Welcome to the Biomedical Engineering 
Science Team

  BESTeam Members Photo

Biomedical engineering science involves the portions of biomedical engineering concerned with the physical and mathematical basis of engineering and science. With world-renowned strengths across both disciplines, West Virginia University is an ideal place to pursue study in this new and exciting interdisciplinary area. The Biomedical Engineering Science Team was created at WVU as a bridge to allow biomedical engineers and scientists to work together in a creative environment. Students and faculty in BESTeam perform advanced studies and research in engineering, science and mathematics. We are currently exploring the intersection of what is possible in biomedical imaging, biomaterials, nanotechnology, therapeutics and cancer biology.

Research Facilities

Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering & Mineral Resources

Photo of Advanced Engineering Research Building

Advanced Engineering Research Building, Evansdale Campus 

Evansdale Campus Map

Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center

Photo of HSC North and Erma Byrd Biomedical Research Building

HSC North and Erma Byrd Biomedical Research Building

Health Sciences Campus Map